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Observer-Mobitel Schoolboy Cricketer of the Year 2020

Anuda dreams of becoming a cricket-playing lawyer

3 January, 2021

The winner of the Observer-Mobitel Most Popular School Cricketer of the Year - 2020, Anuda Jayaweera of Ananda College is keen on playing for the national side and hopes to become a lawyer one day.

The Youth Observer caught up with Anuda to discuss his ambitions.

Q : How did you begin to play cricket?

A: In my childhood I loved cricket very much. Sachin Tendulkar was my favourite cricketer at that time. My father, who saw my liking for cricket, encouraged me to take up the game.

Q : At what age did you begin to play cricket?

A: I started to play cricket when I was around seven. My father took me to the NCC (Nondescripts Cricket Club) and enrolled me in the cricket academy.

Q : How did you start your school cricket journey?

A: While attending practises at the NCC, I got a chance to join our school cricket academy. That is how I began my cricketing career at school. I played in the under-13, under-15 and under-17 teams of the school and performed well. Today, I play for the first XI.

Q : Could you tell us about your other activities in school?

A: A few years ago I also played badminton and took part in swimming too. However, it was too much and I could not concentrate on all the games. So I reluctantly gave up badminton and swimming.

Q: We heard that you passed Ordinary Level examination with flying colours?

A: Yes. I obtained seven, A passes. I am now studying in the Advanced Level class.

Q : What are your subjects?

A: I have chosen to do Economics, French and IT. I hope to become a lawyer one day and these subjects will help to achieve my ambition.

Q : Why did you choose French?

A: It has a higher Z score and it will help me to reach my A/L ambitions too.

Q : Could you explain that?

A: If I get a high Z score it will help me to enter the Law Faculty. I think French is one of the subjects that will help me achieve that task.

Q : Don’t you think that your educational ambitions will be a setback to your cricket career?

A: No. I think I can balance the two. Cricket is not a barrier to my educational goals. Giving up my other two sports activities has enabled me to concentrate on studies and cricket.

Q : Are you keen to become a national player?

A: Of course. That is my ambition in life. I like to become a lawyer and a national cricketer too and I am working hard to achieve that dream.

Q : Isn’t it true that when you are involved with cricket practises, there is no time for other activities? What have you to say about it?

A: Wrong. If you want to achieve your goals in life you have to create a path. I do it. When I have to attend cricket practises I go to bed early and get up at around 12.30 a.m.

Then I study for one and half hours and got to sleep again. I get up again at around 5.30 a.m. study for 30 minutes and then go to school. That is one of my methods to achieve my goals.

Q : We heard that you are a member of several societies in school?

A: Yes. I enjoy taking part in the work of these societies. I am the secretary of the communication society and a member of several other organisations. That is a valuable opportunity to expand my skills. I love the challenges it offers me.

Q : Now let me come to your batting style. Do you follow Sachin Tendulkar’s batting style?

A: No, I do not follow it as it is very complicated. But I have loved his batting talent since my childhood. I like Virat Kholi’s action. He is a marvelous player. I admire his skills.

Q : But isn’t he a very aggressive player?

A: Of course he is. A player must be aggressive. Otherwise he will not be able to concentrate on the game. Kholi is aggressive and very smart.

Q : What type of cricket do you enjoy?

A: I think Test cricket is most suitable for me. However, I also like one-day cricket.

Q : Don’t you like T20 cricket?

A: I like it. But T20 is not suitable for my style.

Q : Who are the people who have influenced you in cricket and studies?

A: My father and mother.

My mother guided me in my studies and my father helps me in my cricketing life. That is the secret of my success.

Q : One final question. What are your feelings as a youth and how do you balance your life with your parents, friends and society in general?

A: It is very easy for me. When playing cricketing I never think about anything else. When I am with my parents I never talk to friends or anyone else.

I have a policy. One must a strategy to achieve goals.