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Vision Care authorised dealer for Oticon hearing aids

21 February, 2021

Hans Demant was living a peaceful life with his wife Camila and children in Denmark. It was the 1900s and life and technology then was far from what we can even imagine it to be now.

But his wife Camila suffered from a hearing loss that could not be cured through means of medication.

In 1902, the coronation ceremony of princess Alexandra was one of the monumental events of that time. And news spread of a device she wore for the ceremony that helped her hear well. Hans driven by a desire to help his hearing-impaired wife, Hans Demant travelled from Denmark to England to buy the same type of hearing device.

In 1904 in contract with General Acoustic Co, began the import and distribution of the first hearing devices to Denmark: the electric Acousticon devices. Hans Demant’s son, William, takes over the company upon his father’s death in 1910. William learnt about the manufacture and repair of Acousticon hearing devices from the USA.Due to the restrictions imposed during World War I, William started assembling hearing devices in Denmark and then eventually manufactured the first Danish-made licensed hearing device the ‘Acousticus’.

In 1946 William Demant started the Oticon Corporation in partnership with American hearing aid producer, establishing its headquarters in Copenhagen.Oticon is creating a “Life changing Technology” at present and towards the future.

It has given thousands of people with hearing loss; a quality life with better hearing than ever, making them and their loved ones happier than ever before.

Oticon is providing Life changing technology to every single person with hearing impairment. So, you also can help your loved ones to hear better and inspire their lives even better.