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Around the world in eighty days

7 March, 2021

An interesting book I read recently is Lokaya vata asu davasakin. It is the Sinhala translation of Around the world in eighty days written by Jules Verne.

The translation is by Chandana Mendis. It is about a person called Phileas Fogg who had an amazing journey. He made a bet with his friends that he would go around the world in eighty days.

He went on this journey with a helper. He had a great experience during this journey and he also met his wife during this journey. However, he was able to finish his journey in eighty days. I like this book because it is very interesting and also because it filled me with curiosity when I was reading it.

I felt as if I was participating in this great experience too.


Januli Ramesha

Grade 10

Musaeus College

Colombo 7