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Abans launches LG Ambassadors Challenge program

11 April, 2021

The LG Ambassador Challenge – commenced its four selected community projects. With the partnership of LG and the Abans Group; along with Korea Friends of Hope International, Sri Lanka (KFHI), this programe gave Sri Lankan youth the opportunity to bring forward solutions to the issues in their villages.

The first selected village problem came from the Sasthrikoolankulam village in Vavuniya, which is inhabited by over six hundred families. These people are unable to get unpolluted, clean water for their daily needs.

This project titled ‘The Drop of Life’ will see the provision of a RO water purification/filtration system plant which will be constructed in their village. The Handagiriya village’s public midwife centre was the second selected problem, where the midwife centre is beyond any kind of usable condition.

This project named ‘Nurturing the Future Generation’ will see therenovation of the building to include a meeting place for the midwife and mothers with their children, plus safe storage and sanitary facilities.

The third selected village concern was reported from Ampara. According to the villagers of the Muwangala area in Ampara, students who come home from school and are interested in sports, spend their time in a temporary ground as a way to practice their volleyball skills. By initiating this project, titled ‘Uplifting the Youth for a Better Tomorrow’, over 2000 people in two neighbouring villages will be highly benefitted.

The final chosen village concern came from the Batticaloa district, where the villagers of Sandiweli (over 8,000 families) face an extremely life-threatening situation because they cannot travel to the next village, forcing them to cross the large river in an electric boat.

This project named ‘Every Life Matters’ will see the provision of life jackets and safety boards to put up near the river.