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Crysbro committed to food safety protocols

28 November, 2021

Poultry producer Crysbro is committed to following constituted protocols, in place to maintain high standards in food safety for producers.

 The importance of food safety is undisputed, as it is directly reflected in the quality of the final product that reaches the end-consumer. For large-scale producers like Crysbro, food safety has always been at the forefront of their attention, since its inception. 

“The issues in poorly managing poultry products are universally recognised, and Crysbro is well-known and beloved for its world-class dedication to maintaining stringent food safety protocols, while retaining the full nutritional value and freshness of the products,” said Crysbro Senior Marketing Manager Amores Sellar. Crysbro’s commitment to secure and safe production and handling of poultry makes for a compelling and delectable end-product fuelled with nutrition and freshness. Crysbro has identified how to enrich and heighten the nutritional value- the maize used to feed the chickens is particularly rich in pro-vitamin A carotenoids, which are converted into Vitamin A once they enter the human digestive system. Vitamin A is vital for the body’s processes of growth, development and immunity.

In terms of food safety, this new facility has enabled Crysbro to accurately monitor the health of its poultry flocks and assess any potential risks in advance, without having to compromise on operational productivity, along its production chain. The company is also capable of screening the potential presence of food borne pathogens in processed meat in conjunction with ongoing microbiological testing.