Home gardens to meet food shortage | Sunday Observer

Home gardens to meet food shortage

22 May, 2022

In order to face the challenge of probable worldwide shortage of food in the near future, nearly 300,000 new home gardens are to be set up in the country during the next three weeks under the Government patronage to save the people from hunger.

The Agriculture Ministry, Agrarian Services Department and Samurdhi Development Authority would implement joint programs to make this endeavour a success.

All the uncultivated lands belonging to Buddhist temples, Government schools and other Government institutions are to be utilised for this purpose.

Free vegetable seeds, quality seedlings and fruit plants, manure, agricultural expertise would be provided to the interested cultivators under the Government patronage, Kurunegala District Senior Divisional Secretary ( Administration) R.M. Jayaratne told the Sunday Observer.

Since the prices of wheat have shot up in the world market, nearly 6,500 acres of manioc would be cultivated next week as it can be replaced as an alternative substitute for wheat, he said.

Jayaratne said nearly 4,500 agricultural instructors, 25,000 house holders, Sunday Buddhist Dhamma School Heads and teachers and students are to be educated and enlightened over this proposed program of launching home gardens countrywide on May 25 by respective Divisional Secretaries.

Uncultivated lands belonging to all private and State-owned estate plantations would be utilised for growing food crops under a crash program, said the newly appointed Minister of Plantations Dr. Ramesh Pathirana on Friday (May 20).