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Remembering you this week

22 May, 2022

To you my dearest,

It’s been weeks, since we parted. Been together always, you went alone today to somewhere far away, whereas I stayed static at our starting point.

So, Today was another day. I didn’t have anyone to sit beside me during the classes neither did I have someone to come at times and ask for little treats. Back then, it was kind of a disturbance at certain times, but now I miss it. Having to sit at the dinner table without you down below, waiting for leftovers from my plate feels just a bit unreal. Your enemy keeps on teasing me as well. Nothing feels complete with no you. Loneliness found me again today, to be honest today wasn’t the only the day that I felt lonely, it found me from the instant second that you left. You see I still find it hard to accept that you really left. Still in shock at the unexpected parting. It has made me reminisce that past events, how friendly we were, how we shared things with each other and how we leaned on one other. Every time I come across things that draw lines with you, your figure appears on it.

Don’t worry, I am eating well, so you don’t have to come and ask to feed you, that was your way to remind me to eat right?

Still remember how my mother reacted to you during the first days you came “Why a cat, who doesn’t catch rats and other insects?”, but after you left what she repeats is “He didn’t even harm a single insect, surely he is in a good place”. At least thinking about that makes me happy.

Without your presence, watching a movie or stealing biscuits in bright daylight will never be the same. Ah ! plus it will be long ago that I will eat popcorn again.

I never knew it would be so hard without you here, but I will do fine as time passes. So, don’t worry. I know you wanted me to deserve a happy place too. I hope you found your one too.

You were more that a pet, you were a part of my family. Most of my friendships don’t last more than two or three years, ours lasted for for years. I often wish it would have been longer. Some times when expectations are high, disappointment is real. Myself always wished to celebrate this birthday with you. But fate is like that. As this is something for you, I want to apologise for anything I have done wrong to you, plus thank you for your effort in living with every circumstance. For me you will always continue to be my first pet, and the strongest I will ever know.

We are humans, so I can’t decide my future at an exact scope. Humans change, they aren’t pure like you animals. With time I might find someone to be with me, but I know it can’t take your position in my heart. Although I am reluctant to let you go, This is me letting you go. Little by little I will learn how to cope up.

Now that you are empty, these lyrics stab me a lot. “You know it all, you’re my best friend, the morning will come again because no darkness, no season can last forever”. It’s May now, so flowers bloomed but they aren’t that pretty this year, without you.

You were ever so considerate. Even your leave was so much considerate, you left before the next month began, maybe thinking not to make it start with misery. Thank you for thinking about me always.

Goodbye doesn’t symbolise that we will never meet again. I have heard from a close person that cats tend to live nine lives. If this was your first life, come and live the next eight also with me, i am always here waiting for you.

For me, you have gone, but 12th of November with still be a special day. I will be there with you always. As a owner as well as a family member. You wanted to make me stronger, to let me be stronger for holding on. Best friend, I am holding on very well. I will get to the final streak for sure.

You took care of me like no other, much better than the ones close to me who had mouths, ears and legs to speak plus walk. They broke me, all of them, but with none of those you put the pieces right back together. I am grateful for that.

I was never able to give you a proper memorial or a farewell, so I hope this would do.

No matter what comes to me, you are unforgettable, little brother. I will make everything right, by working harder. Don’t worry about me, look after yourself. Be happy.

You took me out of the dark, and adjusted me to the light, owe you one for that. I will be waiting here always for you.

Shall we meet before the flowers wither?

Always with you,


This is a a tribute to my best friend, who passed away last April. The loss was actually unbearable. However, the fact that I am letting go makes me feel quite mature. Even though it was an animal that I owned, he was always part of my family.

Maybe you will think this is silly, but it isn’t for me. I wrote this with all my heart for the person whom with I shared much..

Animals are the purest as well as the best souls, always loyal to their owner no matter what. Make sure to treat animals the best.

-Charuni Nayanathara