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Is the Bar Association’s proposal a foothold in a slave system?

29 May, 2022

The Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa told the media that he would not support the 21st Amendment to the Constitution which was to be presented to the Cabinet as it will not be in line with the Bar Association’s proposal.

As a freelance sociologist, it is a responsibility of this writer to present to the country a sociological commentary on the Bar Association’s proposal. This writer presents this review as the first and only researcher in the world to make a comparative study of all the world’s philosophies that have been put forward so far. Through that research he has found a new political philosophy called “absolute materialism”.

If Sri Lanka becomes a colony by the resolution of the Bar Association as Sri Lanka became a colony by the Treaty of 1815, the writer wants to get rid of the curse of the future generation that Sri Lanka became a colony while the sociologist who discovered “absolute materialism” was alive.

The lifestyle of a society arises on the philosophy of life rooted in that society.

This writer has pointed out that the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka is due to a political conspiracy launched by a group of conspirators to seize political power in Sri Lanka in the mid - 1990s.

An article was published on page 7 of the Daily News. The Bar Association is unable to explain the cause of the current economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka, except to express its views for or against the idea of that article.

Accordingly, the paragraph entitled “Background” in the Resolution submitted by the Bar Association is not valid.

Hegel’s dialectical theory states that a conflict of opinion and opposition will eventually lead to a general consensus. Karl Marx said that in order to reach a consensus, two views must be put forward by the two opposing sides of society, and it must be put forward by the respective parties. Karl Marx said that a new social order could be formed according to the general consensus. Engels said that according to the model in which a ship and an artillery shell collide, the two sides must collide. Then a new social order emerges from the rubble that remains after that.

It is clear that the ideological struggle in the Gall Face is based on Hegel’s and Mark’s theory, and the violent struggle in the country is based on Engels’ destructive theory. The general consensus in this struggle was that the overthrown of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. It is the victory of the entire struggle. The new Government is drafting a Constitution for a new social order.

Minister Harin Fernando, who previously represented agitators, told Hiru TV that nobody should be a Chaw Chaw who says everything is useless.

The good side of the changes that have taken place is that we need to talk. The Bellanwila Dhammaratana Thera pointed out that no wrongdoing should be answered in the wrong way.

It destroys the society. The Governor of the Central Bank said that the society is on progress. It is clear from these statements that the Opposition is inciting the people by making media statements according to the Chow Chow philosophy even as the Government is correcting its mistakes and making progress. The Opposition is preparing to destroy society according to Engels’ destructive theory. This raises the suspicion that an international conspiracy is being hatched to destroy the society using the Opposition and to build a slave society in Sri Lanka as per the proposal of the Bar Association.

What is the qualification of the Bar Association to change the system?

Relevant task

If a diesel system is converted to a gas system, the vehicle owner assigns the relevant task to a technician whom he believes has automotive knowledge. Nevertheless the vehicle may explode. The Bar Association should tell the public if they have sociological knowledge to change the social order.

From what philosophical background should the system be changed?

The Bar Association’s philosophical background needs to be examined, as it does not state what political vision the Bar Association’s proposal is based on. It is then possible to predict what kind of system will emerge from that proposal.

In Hegel’s philosophy, public opinion prevails. Public opinion is also at the forefront of Karl Marx’s philosophy. After Karl Marx, Marx’s followers mixed Indian materialist philosophy with classical Marxist philosophy and turned classical Marxist philosophy upside down, making politics, economics and law the main factors and suppressing public opinion.

The world was left with the unresolved question of whether society was dominated by politics, economy and law or public opinion.

Fortunately, the context of the great struggle for systemic change is taking place in Sri Lanka, this writer has discovered that “public opinion is the leading factor in society” in research supervised by a senior professor at the University of Kelaniya

The author was able to find a sublime Constitution there called “Absolute Materialism”. It is the Constitution of the supreme Communist society. It has been pointed out here that the Constitutions should be drafted on the basis of the principles of the Supreme Communist social Constitution.

This article is being written at a time when the Supreme Constitution is being written as a book.

Absolute materialist philosophy has shown that consensus must arise between cause and effect. The cause is the people. The President appointed by the people is the effect. Absolute materialist philosophy states that for dialogue between the people and the Executive President, both sides must present their views without “political ignorance.”

It has been pointed out in classical Marxist philosophy that there are two main social systems. One of these social systems is the social system in which politics, economy and law are shaped by the consensus that emerges in that society according to the philosophy of life rooted in the society. It is an independent system. In the other social system people are shaped by politics, economics and law. Marx pointed out that it was a slave social system.

“Politics, law, morality, religion and philosophy are the product of man’s psychological relationships. They are the makers of human concepts and ideas. This is because they are real active people, shaped by a definite development of their productive forces” (Marx, K. Engels, F. 1969. pp. 24, 25).

If the Executive President is appointed by the people, then the Executive President becomes the effect because of the people. It is in line with the philosophy of Hegel and Karl Marx and the philosophy of absolute materialism. Absolute materialist philosophy has introduced a new principle that the final decision for the Executive President to implement must be based on the consensus that emerges after the dialogue with the realistic ideas put forward by the people.

The system change is that a conversion of current system to a Government in which the surplus of production and the sovereign power are equitably distributed. That request is justified. We need to look at whether the resolution put forward by the Bar Association will fulfill the aspirations of the Galle Face demonstrators.

What should the Inter University Student Association who demands that “handover the governance to the people” do? They should contribute to prepare the Constitution as people could come to a consensus with the Executive President by submitting realistic ideas. Then the sovereign power can be shared with.

Review of the Proposal of Bar Association Paragraph 2 of the “Objectives” of the Bar Association’s proposal states that they bring this resolution to address the principles that led to the economic and political crisis. The fundamental crisis is not the existence of the Executive President or the manner in which he is appointed. The Constitution does not have a mechanism for the people to have a dialogue with the President. The Bar Association has not identified that fundamental problem.

Main reason

The main reason for the economic crisis was the political conspiracy in the country according to Kautilya’s Diyakawa hawk conspiracy theory. The Bar Association has not even identified that fundamental problem.

It is commendable that the focus has been on debt consolidation, corruption, and the pardon of the President.

Proposal No. 1 of page 4 makes it clear that all activities, including the daily life of the public are subjected to a legal mechanism. Everything will be done by a legal mechanism that has no consensus between the people. As this writer points out above, the Bar Association Resolution No. 1 highlights the characteristics of a slave system.

Proposal No. 2 of the Bar Association proposes to re-establish the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Then the fate of the country is in the hands of a few.

An independent commission that does not makes a consensus with people and not responsible to even people is a super dictatorship. According to Marx’s statement quoted by this writer above, it is a feature of the slave social system.

Proposal No. 6 in page 6 calls for the abolition of the Executive Presidency and the establishment of a parliamentary model Government with a Cabinet accountable to Parliament headed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is appointed by the Leader of the Opposition with the consent of the party leaders. One who was elected by majority could not be the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister, the Cabinet including Councils and Commissions have the characteristics of a slave society that does not care about public opinion. The Executive of this Parliamentary Government is not clear.

Decision making and implementation in accordance with this Constitution will be done by various councils and legal mechanisms which are not accountable to the people and which are not of an individual nature. People vote for politicians in the hope of their accountability. But politicians are powerless to fulfill accountability. Under this Constitution, politicians will have to pay with their lives and property like they did on May 9, in the event of any crisis. The legal machine operators will survive.

The President can be rectified by bringing an amendment to the Constitution that decisions taken by the Executive President should be implemented in accordance with the realistic dialogue with the people. The author has set out the relevant principle above.

Seemingly the Bar Association is preparing to seize the power of the elected representatives through legal mechanisms to create a slave system. Once this proposal will be implemented the society will explode like a car which explodes due to a faulty conversion of gas system, there will be great bloodshed, as happened in 1818.

The BASL proposal should not be used as a source to commence the 21st Amendment forwarded to the Cabinet on of April 23, 2022.

The writer is a Dip holder in WL. Mgt. (Colombo), B.A. (Jayawardenepura), M.A. (Kelaniya) Freelance Sociologist.