Don’t be misled by western media - Mohan Samaranayake | Sunday Observer

Don’t be misled by western media - Mohan Samaranayake

19 June, 2022

‘Do not get misled by western media narrative. They always mix facts with distortions and their hegemonic ideology. This exercise is ably supported by international organisations, senior journalist and prominent political analyst Mohan Samaranayake told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

According to him, in Sri Lanka those who believe in this wrong ideology often repeat this twisted narrative. They are trying to kill two birds with one stone. Just one example: Western narrative puts much of the blame for the current global crisis on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There were similar invasions before in the current century. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Then they didn’t put the blame on the US and its allies.

What we are experiencing is the inherent crisis of neoliberal capitalism. It is a system that moves from one crisis to the other. Factors like the pandemic, current hegemonic world order and the invasion of Ukraine and when it comes to Sri Lanka utter mismanagement of the economy have only exacerbated the crisis, he said.

The tragedy is that our leaders and their advisors are clueless to this bitter reality. Not only them, even some of the so called “reformists” who call themselves `independent’ either have no knowledge of this reality or don’t want to understand it, he added.