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Hail labourers who keep Colombo clean

26 June, 2022

Respecting people is an important part of life, whether it’s the person doing janitorial work or the person above you. It doesn’t matter who you are: I’m going to respect you - Andy Reid

Cleantech carries a long history in managing and providing experimental waste management solutions and was initially formed in 2002 to facilitate logistics for the Municipal Council solid waste.

The company gradually developed into a complete waste management entity which acquired the privilege of collaborating with government bodies, municipal councils and became their core service provider. Their services are embedded with Solid waste management, Hygiene Management Services, Built Environment Management, Circular Economy and Consultation services.

“Today every individual in our cleaning force is putting their heart out to what they do and conduct a respectable social life raising their kids with a good education. It’s a pleasure that we can’t simply put into words. It’s what our motto represents, “Because we care,” a Cleantech official said.

The best assurance for our experience in solid waste management is the continuously maintained relationship with Government bodies, Municipal councils, Private bodies and other foreign ventures for many years. The quality and active service provided throughout Colombo city is evident at first glance.

Cleantech is a fully fledged entity specialised in waste management providing related advisory services.

“Over the years, we diversified into several prospective sectors and initiation of recycling (2004), developing an infrastructure specifically designed for operating and maintenance of the growing vehicle fleet (2005) with adequate environmental safeguard, approaching the sanitation service concept (2006), entering into the E-waste market, developing waste management facilities are some  of our significant milestones.

“Our Contribution to Solid Waste Management / Recycling Facility scattered within a number of areas include Garbage Collection, Road Sweeping, Drain Cleaning and canal cleaning, Weed removal and Grass trimming, collection of tree cuttings and debris.  Removal of posters, banners and decorative material, awareness campaigns and Beach Cleaning programs are also done by the company.

“Garbage Collection begins with the door to door garbage collection in the most part of CMC area, handling about 400-450 tons of garbage generated in CMC and part of KMC area and recycling facility (e-waste; exporting valuable parts extracted from e-waste/foreign income source), Recycling of Plastic, Polythene, and Styrofoam.

“Even during the hectic times of Covid-19 pandemic, our employees worked throughout the pandemic making sure the city was clean and safe. We ensured the hygiene of the Colombo Municipal Council area throughout the pandemic.

“While attending to work; Cleantech provided all the safety equipment along with free food/rations and safe transportation for our workforce. We also undertook a 100% vaccination drive across the company. Our frontline workers were prioritised, and we have achieved 99% vaccination rate sans individuals who had medical conditions and who did not want to partake in the drive.

“A few of our employees were affected by the Covid-19 virus and were sent to the Punani quarantine centre. The heart touching act by them was that they cleaned the quarantine centre as if it was their own home after recovering, truly depicting the love and care these people have for the environment and their neighbours.

“We at Cleantech strive to achieve a complete circular economy within our company. Recycling and resource optimisation is a key pillar of Cleantech which has led us to intensely focus on our recycling efforts. Close to 100,000 kg of material is recycled by Cleantech monthly, reducing the impact society has on our beautiful environment.

“During the pandemic, we did not stop our recycling services as we took the opportunity to amplify our recycling efforts throughout Colombo in order to make significant positive change in our environment,” he said. 

It is specifically the cleaners who skimmed the whole environment with their magnanimous effort and support by shedding their sweat while attending so much hard work. It’s definitely a remarkable task which has to be admired. The environment is beautiful not because of those who do white-collar jobs but simply due to the great sacrifice, effort and dedication of the labourer. They need to be praised and admired.