World’s deepest shipwreck discovered | Sunday Observer

World’s deepest shipwreck discovered

26 June, 2022

Explorers have found the deepest shipwreck ever identified, a US navy destroyer escort sunk during WWII.

The USS Samuel B Roberts went down during the Battle Off Samar in the Philippine Sea in October 1944. It lies in 6,895m (22,621ft) of water.

Texan financier and adventurer Victor Vescovo, who owns a deep-diving submersible, discovered the “Sammy B” battered but largely intact.

The vessel is famed for a heroic final stand against the Japanese.

Outnumbered and outgunned, it managed to contain and frustrate several enemy ships before eventually going down.

Of the Samuel B Roberts’ 224-man crew, 89 were killed. The 120 survivors clung to life rafts for 50 hours awaiting rescue.

Victor Vescovo: “The sailors went into battle knowing they probably wouldn’t come back”