No promotions, Govt jobs for those engaged in anti-Govt protests | Sunday Observer

No promotions, Govt jobs for those engaged in anti-Govt protests

12 March, 2023

The Government will investigate candidates, including graduates, applying for jobs and promotions in all sectors of the Public Service on whether they have been engaging in anti-Government activities, Government sources told the Sunday Observer.

The Government has taken this decision based on recommendations of retired high officials of the Public Service and intelligence reports which show that even the highest positions in the Public Service are occupied by people with a subversive mentality who support anti-government activities and are surreptitiously disrupting Government affairs.

They advise that people with an anti-Government, subversive mentality joining the public service will be an obstacle to a stable public administration, so special attention should be paid when recruiting people to the Public Service.

No Government will be able to rule the country in the future due to the actions of a few people, if the authorities do not immediately pay attention to this, the sources said.

Retired officials of the Public Service have said that the damage to the country cannot be calculated due to activities such as the disruption of extremely important development projects that decisively affect the economy, creating conflicts with State policies at the trade union level and creating wrong social opinions on those important policies.

A Cabinet Minister said that intelligence agencies are gathering information on those with a subversive mindset and people who plan riotous actions.

Through this, the State has also focused on making police reports mandatory for those applying for jobs in Government Service, public corporations and banks, and when considered for promotions.

The Minister said that this police report will be a requirement for appointments made by political authorities and this is done solely for the good of the country and not with any other agendas.