178,434 Dengue patients this year | Sunday Observer

178,434 Dengue patients this year

Assistant DMO, Kurunegala, Dr. A .Priyadarshna, said, during the period January 1 to December 14 this year, about 178,434 positive Dengue patients have been detected in various parts of the country and this number has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health. The Colombo District has recorded the highest number of patients, around 33,267.

The Kurunegala District has detected about 10,932 Dengue cases during this period, of which 422 patients have died. Dengue cases have been recorded in all 25 administrative districts, so that all citizens of the country should give priority to eradicate mosquito-breeding grounds in their surroundings, regularly, and those who ignore the instructions of health authorities should be legally punished for placing others at the risk of death due to mosquito-related diseases such as, filaria, dengue, brain fever and malaria, Dr. Priyadarshana said.