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Tokyo Cement unveils blended hydraulic cement

Tokyo Cement Company (Lanka) PLC has introduced Tokyo Super+, a blended hydraulic cement with fly ash to provide greater strength and durability.

Certified to deliver the highest strength in the 100-day strength test, this cement gains more strength with time, making it ideal for concreting. Upcycling top grade fly ash, a waste by-product from coal power generation, makes Tokyo Super+ a sustainable and green cement, a company spokesman said.

It is proved to gain maximum compressive strength after 100 days and complies with the Sri Lanka Standard Institute’s SLS 1247:2015 Strength Class 42.5 N standard certification. The cement also complies with EN Standard - BS EN 197-1: 2011 under the type of CEM IV/A (V) 42.5N – SR, the international strength class classification stipulated for many modern construction projects, he said.

As a general-purpose cement, this new product is suited for a wide range of applications and brings greater utility.

The formula which becomes stronger as it ages, delivers better workability compared with other alternatives owing to its smooth fly ash blend, the spokesman said..

The fine blend creates more refined pores in the concrete that makes it denser and compact, making it ideal for high-risers. This also reduces the rise of temperature in the concrete mix and prevents thermal cracking, making it the best choice for mass concreting.