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Mahinda Mama and his Indian trickery

Mahinda mama always had a trick up his sleeve didn’t he?. Siripala gives him that- for he can, like the age old practice in paradise land, convince a man of anything and everything with his small “chaatuwa”.

It wasn’t enough that he cried “ No No” when the anthem that is national was to be sung in Tamil, something Siripala for the life of him couldn’t understand why, he took a big watti and went to Tamil Nadu to pray to the Gods that be. Which God will give any blessings to the man, going by what he has said and done about the language of the Gods, let alone the people. “No singing in Tamil” he shouted his throat hoarse egged on by his eager, wanda pethi supporters.

Anyway, Siripala after all that, was kept amused. That’s one thing Mahinda mama can do no? provide us all with some amusement and this amusement came in the form of answering questions from the over eager journos outside the Gods house.

“ Adey yenna ayya, fishermen issue?”, he was asked “ Yes, yes, we are going to discuss”, and that seemed the name of the game. “Ayya what ayya, India no like you” “ yes, yes ,we are going to discuss”. And all that said with a million dollar smile. The boy has to be given some credit- for no one could believe that he could put that smile on and still be the conniver he is. Tsk tsk

The Supreme Arrest

So you know who really has been arrested these days ah? for the murders of this one and that, Siripala knows none of you will guess who really was arrested. So Siripala quickly used Google as soon as these news alert things started coming in and actually checked what the word meant.

And Websters is what Siripala came across to give a precise definition of what it meant. Surprise, Surprise: it meant to seize, capture; to bring to a stop among a few others listed. And Siripala couldn’t think of a better irony.

The arrests were prevented one after the other, and who really was arrested? The Police bugger trying to do his job no?

“ Seized and stopped, captured and prevented” from doing your job- Aneyda kiyanney, how is that for some twist!!!

The Singaporean Jaunt

So Wicky boy has finally taken the trip ah. To Singapore, the home of the brave and the land of the free, ha. Well that’s not Singapore, but Siripala is told that he has taken wing to put a small chat with the investor types.

He must, no men, given that none of these fellows seem to want to come. In the end Upul had to get some shady ‘Tallest building in Asia’ jokers to pretend like there was a massive investment into the country. Wait what happened to that ah? the Tallest building in Asia !! ha ha.

Anyway, the story doing the rounds is that everyone hopes our Wicky boy will convey the message to our dear old Mahen. “ Come you bugger, come and face the music” he could tell him surely. Siripala thinks that’s the only way this man could come and save everyone who silently and not so silently prayed for the end of the blood and batons before 2015, no?

And to think that Mahen who lived in la la land, all these years took just six weeks to shatter all of those dreams, and is still continuing to do so by not turning up? haiyo, not too good neda!!

But what about Udayanga?

That’s our Russian mafia no. Actually men, real one no he is. Which bloody Colombian would get their citizenship from Ukraine men, unless like there was some shady shady lady doing the rounds no.

Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Yankee Land or even any other land Siripala knows, hard working people would want to go to. Make a life, build a family and send some dollars back home. But Ukraine? Siripala isn’t sure if this was the first Colombian to have got his citizenship in Ukraine.

“ Paradise Land?”, “ Why on earth are you here?” would’ve been the question the tall blonde asked our boy no when the application was checked.

Anyway, we can’t seem to get him back. Two teams had apparently been on the prowl but, Udayanga nevei enne. For all the deals and the dollars, shame that he isn’t willing to be dragged here by his ears, no?.


Siripala? Surely it should be No-English Palla ???