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Tribute - S.M.A.M. Muzammil : Moral scholar of Panadura

A light has gone out without as much as a flicker. All that is left is the precious memory, how brightly it burnt, and the warmth it gave us while alive.

With much respect and affection, I write this appreciation for an icon of Southern Sri Lanka and a moral scholar of Panadura, Marhoom Kaleefathushazuli S.M.A.M. Muzammil Aalim (Gafoori) on his 24th death anniversary.

Born on Feb 18, 1926 to Sheikh Madhar Aalim and Hajiyani Azeezumma at Thotawatta, Kalfeefathushazuli Muzammil had showed early brilliance in his primary studies at Al-Fahriya Muslim Vidyalaya. He then completed his moral education (1939-47) at the then famous, Maharagama Ghafooriyya Arabic College and graduated as a Moulavi. His outstanding skills created a pathway where he was invited as a teacher from the Arabic College. His journey covered Arabic College (1947-49), Colombo Zahira College (1949-55), Dharga Town Zahira College (1958-59) and again Colombo Zahira College (1959-60).

In the meantime, he graduated from the University of Peradeniya, (1955-58). Further, he achieved the “Al-Aalim” award at his young age.

During 1960-61, while employed in the Ceylon Labour Department, he changed his career to become the Deputy Principal of Al-Fahriya Muslim Vidyalaya, Thotawatta,Panadura, from 1961 up to 4 years.

Later, completed his Diploma in Education at the University of Peradeniya and served at the Weligama, Arafa Maha Vidyalaya (1966-70) as deputy principal. With time, he also served at the Henamulla, Jeelan Muslim Vidyalaya, Panadura (1970-72) as principal.

In recognition, he was promoted as a Tamil Education Officer at the Pelmadulla Educational division, Kalutara, for many years till his retirement.

Khalifa as he was fondly called, Marhoom Muzammil Aalim was a remarkable mentor for the Panadura, Thotawatta Masjids Administrative Committee aka Annadvathul Fasiyathush Shazuliya Committee. He also authored many books, on “Masjid” and “Islam-A Law”. He was deputy President of the All Ceylon Jammiyathul Ulama Association. He was appointed as a member of the Wakf Board, by A.H.M. Azwer, former State Minister of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs.

His elder son, a registrar of Muslim Marriages and a former Panadura Pradhesiya Sabha member, M. Imthiyas Muzammil serves as the president of the administrative society, at present. The moral scholar Alhaj-S.M.A.M. Muzammil (Ghafoori) who served the community and the country in different aspects left this world on Feb 4, 1993.

Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiyun.

May the Almighty grant him Jannath-Ul-Firdawz.

M.S.M. Munthasir JP,

Permanent Member of Thotawatta Masjids Administrative Committee.