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Why I love to play with my friends

As a child who enjoys her valuable childhood, I love to be with my friends. I have a good set of friends who always help me in my studies and give me courage to face challenges. Every evening after doing my homework and studies, I like to meet my friends. As we are of the same age, we have a lot to do and talk about. But the thing I love the most is playing with them.

As we have a good playground in our village, we run everywhere just like a free deer without limitations. We get into thickets, climb trees and enjoy sweet, fleshy fruits. By playing with my friends, I accumulate sweet memories of my life. When I feel lonely, I try to flash back those memories. Then I feel a little smile appear on my face.

I love to play with my friends as it relaxes me and gives me the satisfaction after being trapped inside the giant walls of our school. We play, sing, dance, run and grow together with a great bond between us. Though we fight, fall, injure and argue, I love to spend my leisure time with my friends. I will never let these sweet memories in my life fade away.


Senali Senanayake,

Grade 10,

Ku/Wayamba Royal College.