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The Ocean

 The beach is a great place for everybody to sit and relax. The ocean’s calm, blue waters, the hot sun and the cool breeze make it a great place to explore. Underneath the ocean are corals, fish and many more wonders. But will the ocean remain the same forever?

Tourists, as souvenirs, break corals when they go underwater diving. Even ships and submarines harm the ocean. Thousands of dolphins are killed in Japan, and many sea creatures such as oysters and lobsters are killed in European countries such as Norway. Ships and factories send waste to the ocean. Global warming, which is also caused by humans, destroys both coral and wildlife. So, in my opinion, the ocean will not be the same in the future.

But if we take care of the ocean better than we do now, we will be able to preserve it and also make it better. So let’s stop harming the ocean.


Lihini Wijesekara,

Grade 8,Lyceum International School, Wattala.