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Good friends

Friends are the people who stay with you and help you when you are in trouble, and they are there with you to share in laughter as well. Friendship can be compared to sweet smelling flowers of different colours in a garden of flowers which we see every day.

Good friends and true friendship is very hard to find. Good friends don’t care whether you are rich or poor and they’ll be with you anytime anywhere because they love you. Good friends have qualities such as kindness, honesty, loving, caring and sharing. Many religions emphasise the importance of having good friends and maintaining good relationships.

In Buddhism, good friends are known as ‘Kalyana Mitta’. Kalyana Mittas make sure that all friends benefit from true friendship. The Buddha and other religious leaders taught us to associate with friends. “Good friends guide you to light while bad friends lead you to darkness.” Remember this saying and choose your friends carefully. Good friends are a blessing from God.


Januda Perera,

Grade 8,

Royal Institute, Nugegoda.


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