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The garbage collectors

 It is incredible how much rubbish we throw into garbage bins. It is awful to look at a garbage bin or go close to it. So, we are very thankful to the garbage collectors who come and remove garbage. They come normally thrice a week. If they miss a day or two, then the bins overflow on to the road.This invites stray dogs and other scavengers. We can see how important these garbage collectors are. We have to bear with them because theirs is not a very pleasant job. I know for sure that they do not love their jobs. Who would like to work as a garbage collector?

They do a great service for our country. So we should respect them. The least we can do is make their job easier by keeping our garbage in proper bins and showing them that we care.


Buddhima Karunanayaka,

Grade 10,

Wayamba Royal College,