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Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara

Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara was born on October 13, 1884 in Randombe, Balapitiya. He studied at Wesleyan Missionary School in Randombe and later at Richmond College, Galle. He was an excellent all-round student but had to undergo many difficulties at his young age. He served as a teacher first and became a lawyer in 1910. He entered politics in 1919 and was the first Minister of Education in Sri Lanka. He introduced free education for all and started Central Schools. He served 16 years as the Minister of Education which marked a remarkable progress in the field. He passed away on September 23, 1969 in Colombo. He is known as the "Father of Free Education".


E.M. Sinethmi Ehansa,

Grade 8,

Devapala College, Polgolla.