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First Prize: The Railway Children

Among all the books I have read so far, I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Railway Children written by E. Nesbit. It was first published as a book in 1906 by Wells Gardner, Darton. I like this book because it is a combination of human relationships, love, trust, emotions and sensibilities.

It tells the story of a young family who moves from London to a house near a railway in the countryside. Their mother has taken them there following the mysterious arrest of their father. The three children Roberta, Peter and Phyllis see the relocation as something of an adventure, but their mother struggles to make ends meet and to cope with the worry about her missing husband. She writes children’s stories to earn a modest living, having previously been sufficiently well-off to live in a villa and employ staff. In the interim, the three children meet and befriend a number of interesting characters. The father is returned to his family at the close of the book as he has been falsely accused. Nesbit’s wonderful writing makes you want to read this story again and again.

Sethini Yehensa Amarawardena,

Grade 6,

Asian Grammar School,

Gothatuwa New Town.