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Manual for every teacher

'Global Children Friendly Environment' initiator F. Indrani Hansa of Dunagaha, Negombo has penned a book titled, '30th anniversary commemoration of Wedded life of a teacher' which according to her is a manual for every teacher for special attention to the needs of the under-privileged students.


School for under-privileged children


Retired teacher Indrani Hansa, head of the Global Children Friendly Environment, Negombo Road, Dunagaha has launched a project to construct an English school and hostel for the under-privileged children, at an estimated cost of Rs. 16 million on her three-acre land at Weerakodiyana in the Wayamba. The foundation stone was laid for the building in 2015.

To fulfill her desire, she appeals for public contributions to be remitted to Account No. 079020143934, Hatton National Bank, Marandagahamula.