The Gold fish | Sunday Observer

The Gold fish

His life is full of water
you never know his laughter
He's free and full with worms
But still he can't speak words.
He comes up and goes down
To let us know that he's down
With illness or with hunger
To make us act like thunder.
He thinks that he's the lead
Just cuz he's so clean
With golden scales and huge lips
And funny crazy little tricks.
Poor little other fishes
Just swim away from biggers
We can't risk our lives, they think
And its actually true, I think.
But you should see what happens
When the biggest comes down to the waters
The lead shoots up and down so scared
And thinks now how he even dares.
Now he knows how its like to be chased
And see how the little fish teased
He sweats and trembles and cries
Please forgive, Oh! please think twice!
We forgive you fool, but keep
In your foolish mind in peace
That never to hurt us ever again
Or be ready to die on scythe and rake.
I promise, I promise never again
Will I ever hurt big fish nor small fish
Small fish, big fish all again
Lived happily ever after with such a chill.

Hesadhi Sadhewni Epasinghe,
Grade 10,
St. Bridget's Convent.