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The Rabbit’s Whiskers and other stories

The Rabbit’s Whiskers and other stories by Enid Blyton is a collection of sixteen short stories titled The Conjuring Wizard, The Astonishing Curtains, Tick-a-Tock, the Greedy Rabbit, Sly-One and the Honey-Pot, Snippitty's Shears, What Billy and Betty Found, The Adventurous Duck, Ho-Ho's Bad Penny, Spot and the Biscuit Tin, The Sailor Doll Goes to Sea, Selfish Sammy, Goosey-Goosey-Gander, The Rabbit's Whiskers, Angelina Jane, The Big Box of Chocolates and Oh, You Crosspatch!

The Conjuring Wizard is about a little boy named Jimmy who was very disappointed because he had a cold and could not go to a party that he was invited to. He was looking forward to going to the party because it was going to have a conjurer.

Just as Jimmy was falling asleep, there is a knock at his door and the conjurer wearing a cloak and a pointed hat enters his room. The conjurer is very kind and comes to visit Jimmy because he heard that Jimmy was not well. The conjurer makes Jimmy very happy with his magic that makes goldfish swim in his tea cup and rabbits come out of a handkerchief and turns coal into toys.

Jimmy asks the conjurer who he is and where he comes from and just as the conjurer is about to tell Jimmy there is another knock at his door and the conjurer vanishes and the magical things that he created also disappear except for one of the rabbits which Jimmy very happily keeps.

The Sailor Doll goes to sea is about a toy sailor who lives in a nursery with a toy panda, a teddy bear and wooden soldiers. One day the toys tease the sailor doll because he has never been to sea and he decides to go out to sea in a wooden boat.

The sailor doll has many adventures and a fish whose life he saved repays him for his kindness by rescuing him from being drowned when his boat overturns into the water.

Reviewed by Hannah William