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The Magic Watering Can and other stories

The Magic Watering Can and other stories by Enid Blyton is a collection of seventeen short stories titled The Magic Watering Can, Mr. Twiddle and His Wife's Hat, Jimmy's Robin, The Disobedient Doll, The Hole in the Mackintosh, Bumble and the Elves, Catch Him Quick, The Singing Saucepan, Grandpa's Conker Tree, Mr. Pink-Whistle and Santa Claus, Policeman Billy, Mr. Do-As-I-Like, What's Happened to the Clock?, Mr. Binkle's Boots, A Story of Magic Strawberries, Oh, Mr. Meddle! and Plum Jam.

Jimmy’s Robin is about a beautiful robin that lives in a little boy named Jimmy’s garden. The robin is very friendly with Jimmy and he feeds it bread crumbs every day. One day Jimmy falls ill and has to stay indoors in bed. The robin misses Jimmy very much and goes in search of him and finally finds him inside the house. The robin and his wife decide to make a nest in Jimmy room and find a suitable place for their nest behind the bookcase. The robin’s wife lays four eggs in the nest which hatch into baby robins. Then the time comes for the family of robins to fly away to the garden, and fortunately for Jimmy he also gets well at the same time and goes to the garden and plays with the robins.

Mr. Twiddle and His Wife’s Hat begins with Mrs. Twiddle wanting to take her hat to the hat shop because she wanted flowers on it. Mrs. Twiddle likes violets and Mr. Twiddle thinks that the hollyhocks and sunflowers growing in his garden would look beautiful on his wife’s hat. Mrs. Twiddle prefers violets and decides to go to the hat shop and take her husband along with her. Now while Mrs. Twiddle goes to get ready to go to the hat shop an interesting thing happens to the hat box. Can you guess what happens next?

Reviewed by Hannah William