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The Big Bullies

Once there was a ten-year-old boy named Jack who didn’t like to go to school. He didn’t like to go to school because he was bullied by older children, but he was afraid to tell that to his parents.

One morning Jack woke up just as his mum burst into his room and told him to get dressed and go to school.

“But I can’t go to school!” he exclaimed angrily.

“You can’t just avoid school for no reason, and you need to complete the work you missed last month, so hurry up and have a shower!” his mother bellowed at him frustrated. Jack indolently went to have a shower. After he completed his morning routine he was dropped off in front of the huge gates.

He sorrowfully walked to his classroom, as soon as he entered his friends said, “Hey, Jack those bullies said they’re coming to the classroom!” Jack was very agitated. “Oh no, what am I going to do?” Jack said panicking. “I know!” said one of his friends, “We could go to another classroom”. Everyone agreed and they went off, but on their way they met the bullies. Jack hid behind his friends. He was terror stricken.

“Now, where is that boy?” asked one of the bullies uncompromisingly.

He found Jack and was ready to punch him. “We’re not afraid of you!” said a stern voice from behind. The bullies turned back and one of them asked, “Who said that?” Everyone was terror struck. But one brave boy lifted his hand, and then another and another and another and soon everyone’s hand was up. Now the bullies were scared.

While this was happening one of Jack’s friends went to the headmaster’s office and told him about the bullies and what was happening. The principal, expelled every one of the bullies from school.

And so Jack and his friends had a great time at school. Now Jack loves going to school. He thanked all his friends for helping him handle the bullies. His parents were also very proud of him as he studied well.


Chaniru Senhas Maggonage,

Grade 6 E,

Trinity College,