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Blossoming in the University of Peradeniya

5 July, 2020

Ranked number one in Sri Lanka, the University of Peradeniya is a paradise of nature. It is one of the best garden universities in the world due to its natural beauty. It is one of the most beautiful universities in Asia. As February approaches, a yellow and pink blanket falls to the ground, providing an exquisite sight. The university premises blossoms with “Yellow Poui” and “Robarosia” plants. Their scientific names are Tabebuia Serratfolia, Tabebuia Rosea and Tababuia Aurea. Tabebuia Serratfolia and Tabebuia Aurea flowers are yellow, while Tabebuia Rosea flowers are pink.

The ground is covered completely with luminous yellow flora. The trees are very old but are still standing. They are rounded up with extensive branches and vines. These beguiling flowers hanging from the ancient trees, may only last for a few days. When it rains, the flowers are washed away from the treetops right onto the ground.

This place is visited every year by University students, teachers, outside people and tourists. They take photographs as souvenirs and even for postcards. The most common way of taking photographs, mainly by women, holding some flowers, posing with the vines full of flowers or even lying on the ground as it is covered in pink and yellow flora.

This year, although, visitors weren’t attracted due to the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. My house is not a minute away from the university, so I went to take a look at this unique sight. I felt the loneliness of the flowers as no one came to look at them, although some animals such as bees and butterflies are still coming here for their needs. Even though no person is to be seen in sight, the beauty still remains.

Stated as one of the best garden universities in the world, this is a place of beauty that you have to visit, at least when the Covid-19 has disappeared…


M. Chaniru Senhas,

Grade 6 E,

Trinity College,Kandy.