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Scope- Sarasaviya Film Festival next month

30 August, 2020
Yugathra by Channa Perera
Yugathra by Channa Perera

Scope Cinemas will host the Scope-Sarasaviya Film Festival from September 4-8, at the Scope Cinemas Liberty complex. The festival will celebrate the diverse landscape of Sri Lankan cinema, bringing to the big screen a selection of first-rate films to entertain, engage, and inspire.

Throughout the Film Festival, Scope Cinemas will host exclusive paid previews of compelling films of some of the country’s most acclaimed artistes and filmmakers, months in advance of their official release. Ticket-holders will also meet and greet the directors, producers, and key cast members of each movie from that day’s final screening.

Wide spectrum of genres

The list of films slated to be showcased has been artfully curated for the festival, and includes productions across a wide spectrum of genres.

Miss Jenis, a light-hearted comedy by Director Susirinda Silva revolves around the desperate antics of a middle-aged man who has resorted to disguising himself as a woman to sustain his family.

Sri Wickrama by Director Mohan Niyaz is a dramatic biopic based on the life of King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe of the Kandyan Kingdom, the last ruling monarch of Sri Lanka. Director Channa Perera’s Yugathra tells the fantastic story of a young man Visal, and his quest to discover the secret behind the mysterious girl of his dreams. Director Jayantha Chandrasiri’s Midunu Wishwaya, a tale of time-travel centres around the complex love of two people from entirely different eras. Kathuru Mithuru directed by Giriraj Kaushalya is the tale of a friendship developed between a tailor and barber over a common tool. Gindari, a comedy/mystery film by Director Udayakantha Warnasuriya follows the dysfunctional results of when supernatural and real lives collide.


Scope Cinemas is confident that the film festival will serve as the perfect platform for cinema-goers to appreciate contemporary Sri Lankan film. Additionally, the event is expected to build optimism and spirit as a recovery medium for the industry, especially at a time when audiences have been deprived of the chance to appreciate not just the immense talent behind filmmaking, but also the cinema experience as a whole.

The organisers are working to create the most memorable experience; a film-fest vibe, attended by some of Sri Lanka’s well-known film personalities and celebrities.

Scope Cinemas will also ensure that the venue and all operations adhere to public health and safety guidelines on Covid-19, promising a healthy, safe, comfortable, and state-of-the-art experience for all guests.