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I am a beautiful flower in the garden

20 September, 2020

I am a little Marigold flower. My mother was a big Marigold flower. She is kind to everyone. One day, some people came and took me away from the mother to another garden. In that garden I grew again with two white rose plants. Some caterpillars came to eat me but the roses helped me to chase them away because they had thorns on them. Every morning, a little girl waters us. She takes more than 30 minutes to water the plants because there are thousands of flowers in the garden. I have grown a little bigger now. I have a lot of experience. I have many friends such as forget-me-nots, daffodils, sun flowers, blue orchids, white roses, lotuses, blue water lilies and temple flowers. On rainy days the little girl does not come to water us.


K. Wasana,

Grade 6 A,

Deniyaya Central College,