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Our eyes

18 October, 2020

They come in a pair
Which we must care
The white outer coat
Of the eye is the sclera
The transparent cornea
Take light inside
Right at the middle we find the pupil
It’s black in colour since no light escapes
Iris is the coloured muscle
That controls the entry of light
There is a lens
For fine focusing
Retina is the layer
That was rods and cores
That convert light to impulses
Rods and cones react to light
Which helps us see in day and night
In the eye where no image forms
We can find the Blind Spot
The optic nerve transmits impulses
To the brain to be interpreted
The eye will react to far or near
Bright or dim
This is how the eye functions
And helps us see at junctions
If you forget to protect your eyes
Have to suffer all your life
Green veges and carrots help your sight
Try to understand this fight
Stay away from the television
It will help your vision.

G.K. Srisaubhagya,
Willesden College International,