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My ambition

5 September, 2021

On April 21, 2019, Easter Sunday, three churches in Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels in the commercial capital, Colombo were targeted by terrorists. I can remember that at that time the STF played a major role to protect the country.

We are facing a corona pandemic from the year 2020.

During this period too the STF came out and gave their fullest cooperation to save the people.

My dream is to become a STF Officer one day and protect my people from wars and pandemics. I will study hard to accomplish my dream. I will provide a great service to my country. I will reside in a camp. I will be the captain of the STF.

I will be a good leader to my team. I will be with my team through thick and thin. The motto of the STF is ‘Victory Assured’. Though as a small boy I am scared of the STF I will overcome this fear as I grow up. I love the STF.


Disara Antony

Grade 6

St. Peter’s College

Colombo 4