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Phrasal verbs

26 September, 2021

Phrasal verbs are an important feature of the English language. The meaning of a phrasal verb often bears no relation to the meaning of either the verb or the particle which is used with it. Many phrasal verbs have several different meanings.
Be founded on (to be based on a particular idea or belief)
Can a society founded on socialist principles succeed?
Freeze out (to make someone feel that they are not part of a group by being unfriendly towards them)
Kim wanted to be friendly with others in the class but they were freezing him out.
Freshen up (to make something look cleaner and more attractive)
The new chairman wanted to have the boardroom repainted to freshen it up a little.
Frighten away (to make someone or an animal so afraid that they go away)
Do not frighten the children away.
Fritter away (to waste money or time in a careless way)
Felicity and her husband frittered away much of their time arguing about house decorations.
Frolic around (to behave in a happy and playful way)
The children were frolicking around in the garden.
Front onto (to face in a certain direction)
Their new house fronts onto the sea.
Frown on (to believe that something is wrong and that you should not do it)
Many people frown on smoking in public.
Fry up (to fry food to make a quick meal)
Nancy wanted to fry up last night’s meat and potatoes.
Fuel up (to put fuel into a vehicle)
We may have to fuel up on the way.
Fumble about / around (to use your hands to find something)
I fumbled around in my pocket looking for the key.
Fuss over (to pay too much attention to someone or something)
I was embarrassed to see how Bianca fussed over her husband.
Gang up (to form a group in order to attack someone)
I felt sorry to see some children ganging up against my son.
Gather around (to form a group surrounding someone)
A crowd gathered around the newly elected mayor.
Gather in (to collect something and put it in a safe place)
I saw farmers gathering in the harvest.
Gather up (to collect things scattered in different places)
I saw her gathering up the clothes scattered around the floor.
Gear to (to design something so that it is suitable for a particular purpose)
Most public toilets are not geared to people with disabilities.