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Healthy food for a healthy life

29 January, 2023

First of all, we have to know about healthy eating. Healthy eating means, eating a variety of food which includes food with nutritional value. The breakfast is the booster for us.

Now, many of us skip our breakfast. Some of us still don’t know how breakfast maintains our body for a day. If we omit our breakfast then we may lose our energy and immunity.

Dear friends, do you think fast foods are healthy for us? No, pizza, burger, French fries and soft drinks are harmful to our bodies. Too much sugar and oily foods should be avoided. Our stress hormone level will increase with junk food. We may face cholesterol, blood sugar and the risk of heart diseases by eating this food. So, it can be said that we spend money to buy diseases.

The best food in the world is homemade food and this is the best medicine too. Our mothers know the correct amount of nutrition for us. So, we must eat homemade food to be healthy.

For human sustainability, healthy eating is very essential.

Your diet is a bank account

Good food is a good investment.


Pirainila Elanganathan

Grade 10

Kilinochchi Maha