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A trip to Rakwana

12 March, 2023

Rakwana is in the Ratnapura district. I went there with my family and my father’s friends from his office and their families.

We started our journey at 10 a.m. and reached Rakwana at 4 p.m. We travelled in three cars. There were 10 adults and four children. We stayed in a private bungalow called ‘Desire Village’.

We had a bath in a river. After that, we went to our bungalow. We also went for a walk. Then, we had a delicious dinner and watched cartoons.

The next day, we visited a waterfall. After our bath, we had dinner at a restaurant. Then, we returned home.

N. Jael Croos
Grade 4-A
Methodist College
Colombo 3