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DFCC Bank offers high returns for five-year FDs

4 December, 2022

DFCC Bank is providing five-year fixed deposits with the highest interest rates in the market at 30% p.a. for interest paid at maturity, a bank spokesman said.

This enables investors and savers to receive two and a half times their investment in five years. Even customers who receive their interest payments monthly can enjoy the high rates of 20% p.a., with DFCC Bank’s five-year Fixed Deposits. The bank has also introduced a range of short-term but very high-yielding fixed deposits, allowing customers to make fixed deposits for 100, 200 or 300 days while enjoying a 22%, 22.5% and 23% interest, per annum.

Senior Vice President, Retail Banking and SME at DFCC Bank, Aasiri Iddamalgoda said, “We understand that people are looking to park their savings for the long and even short term amidst the present economic environment to enjoy a more secure future.

“Motivated by this, we have worked to introduce the best fixed deposits with unbeatable rates, exclusively for DFCC Bank customers, allowing them to grow their savings by 2.5 times in only five years. If you invest 1 million today, in five years you will have Rs. 2.5 million in savings. This is the most opportune time to invest in fixed deposits, as the present high-interest rate environment will not continue forever.

CBSL’s prediction of current inflation indicates that the interest rates will reduce in the future, but with DFCC Bank five-year Fixed Deposits, you can get a guaranteed interest rate of 30% for the next five years.

“With a heritage spanning over 60 years, we are one of the oldest and most trusted licensed commercial banks with 139 branches across the country. We have continued to perform well financially, even in the most difficult circumstances. Our customers can rest assured that their money is safe, and their returns are guaranteed when they invest and save with us,” he said.