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Sri Lanka to introduce ABP for anti-doping

Arjuna de Silva
Arjuna de Silva

The Sri Lanka Anti Doping Agency (SLADA) is expected to introduce what is called Athletic Biological Passport (ABP) a new system for athletes to prevent doping according to its chairman Professor Arjuna de Silva who made the disclosure in an interview with the Sunday Observer.

“Most of the athletes are used to Anti Doping as supplements and most of them are from athletics and martial arts like boxing, judo, wushu and weight lifting. Body Building athletes also use various type of supplements to get short term results. However the most dangerous factor is if any athlete uses this anti doping it is very clear that long term side efforts can end their life. We formed this SLADA way back in 2013 and now it has become very popular,” said Prfo Arjuna de Silva.

“From January we will introduce the ABP which is a guide to diagnose the athlete’s anti-doping very clearly. We plan to get three or four times the anti doping tests annually for one athlete and note all the results into the ABP.

“We are doing our best to keep our athletes clean. We want to get the support of the athletes as well as the coaches and we will always endeavour to maintain their ABP from next year and the doctor’s advice is very important for athletes.

“We will do anti doping tests for national or the international meets and there could also be tests conducted during practice sessions and at school sports. We will have random tests and it will be the athlete’s duty to do this tests either urine or blood sample tests. What is most important is to have a good knowledge about anti doping”, said Prof Arjuna de Silva.