Not to make you annoyed... | Sunday Observer

Not to make you annoyed...

I’m crying   
Not to make a big noise   
Or not to make you annoyed   
But to ask for something   
For my little tummy   
Which has been empty   
For long   
As the hunger   
I can bear no more   
I’ve no mum, no dad  
No kith or kin to feed me   
My empty little tummy can’t   
Bear up your hard toe shoe   
When you kick me out  
Tell me why you  
Well-dressed, good-looking  
Do as beings with no hearts   
If I asked for a   
Quarter of your sumptuous lunch  
Or anything that big   
Hit me hard, knock me down  
If not dear, mercifully   
Throw me a little thing eatable   
Which I’ll swallow   
Quickly with joy   
I’m just a little   
Lonely kitten   
In your grand office’s   
- N.A.A.P.K. Nedurana