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Priorities in life

Priorities are what we prefer first and foremost
They form the most important and the topmost
According to Shakespeare world is a stage
Where life’s pages are opened in stages
At different stages we have different priorities
Which are to be fulfilled with drive and motivation
As teenager, adult, matured and the old
They navigate through life with suffering untold
As teenager, priorities in life are pertaining to youth
Mostly confined to achievements in life is the simple truth
Teens always have a natural curiosity
The priorities they emphasise later become their destiny
As teenager it may be education, job and a car
As a fresher to life it is very likely they don’t see far
As an adult it may be marriage and a big house
Later, it may be all requisites of a spouse
Then it may be moving up in your career
Wishing children to be in higher planes with no barrier
Finally, as the old and the aged moving on to retirement
You turn back and see hardly any worthy achievements
Priorities vary with different situations
Which should be handled carefully with firm determination
But most people haven’t put health in their priority list
Which in meaningful life should form the gist
Not above mentioned but health should be given priority
Entire humanity should understand this reality
“Put health as the topmost priority in life”

-Rupa Banduwardena